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When you’re unsure about the cause of pain or other symptoms, it’s important that you receive fast and accurate diagnostic testing as soon as possible. The medical team at Dearborn Family Clinic, PC in Dearborn, Michigan, offers the benefit of an on-site stat laboratory to quickly identify health issues through blood and urine testing. Whether you need a screening for diabetes or urine testing to confirm an infection, the skilled lab team prioritizes your test results, so you can move forward with necessary treatments. To schedule diagnostic lab testing, call Dearborn Family Clinic today or request an appointment online now.

On-Site Laboratory

What is a stat laboratory?

A stat laboratory is a lab system designed to provide quick results for diagnostic testing. Often, these results are necessary during the treatment of medical emergencies. 

At Dearborn Family Clinic, the on-site stat lab makes it convenient to quickly diagnose the cause of your pain or other symptoms, so treatment can begin as soon as possible. 

What lab tests are available on-site?

The Dearborn Family Clinic stat lab team offers priority results for a variety of diagnostic blood and urine tests, to evaluate data concerning:

  • Infection
  • Pregnancy 
  • Strep throat
  • Blood count
  • Organ health
  • Hormone levels
  • Blood glucose levels

If existing health issues are identified through diagnostic testing, your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor customizes a treatment plan to meet your needs based on your results. Your provider may order additional stat lab tests to confirm a diagnosis or rule out other health conditions. 

The Dearborn Family Clinic staff also uses diagnostic testing as part of your preventive health care plan. Testing can quickly identify issues like diabetes, or organ failure, if you’re considered high risk due to a family history but aren’t currently experiencing symptoms.

What are the benefits of an on-site stat laboratory?

Dearborn Family Clinic staff offer the convenience of an on-site stat lab to ensure you receive the highest level of care, especially when time is critical. By having an in-house lab, you can undergo all necessary testing without a long wait time and without having to travel to another facility. 

The lab team at Dearborn Family Clinic prioritizes lab results, ensuring your doctor can make decisions about your treatment accurately and without delay.

An on-site stat lab is also useful for your preventive health care. During routine screenings, your Dearborn Family Clinic provider can order necessary testing for chronic diseases common in your family history. This helps your doctor identify potential health problems as early as possible, so you can make necessary lifestyle changes or start treatment to prevent long-term complications. 

Learn more about your options for on-site diagnostic testing through the Dearborn Family Clinic stat laboratory by calling the office or by requesting a consultation online now.