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When your busy schedule or disability makes it difficult to travel to Dearborn Family Clinic, PC in Dearborn, Michigan, you can still receive a comprehensive medical evaluation from experienced family physician, Howard Wright, DO, through their convenient televisit services. Dr. Wright and the medical team utilize the latest technologies to give you direct access to the medical attention you need from your own family doctor. Whether you need a consultation by phone or through Skype, you can get the answers you need without leaving home. Learn more about televisit services by calling Dearborn Family Clinic today or request an appointment online now.


What is a televisit?

Televisit services are a convenient way to speak directly with your Dearborn Family Clinic physician from anywhere you are. Through phone calls or online technology, like Skype, you can consult with your own family doctor when you need medical attention or have questions about your health or current treatments.

While your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor can’t address every aspect of your health care through a televisit, the service is convenient when you’re unable to travel to the office because of your health or schedule. 

What can I expect during a televisit appointment?

Televisits are an ideal option for discussing questions or concerns you have about your health, your current treatment, or your medications. Through a phone call or Skype video conference, your Dearborn Family Clinic physician listens to your concerns and can provide immediate medical advice.

During a televisit, you can discuss:

  • New symptoms
  • Side effects of medications
  • Questions about your health

In some cases, you may still need to visit the office for a physical exam such as when you’re having unexplained pain. Your doctor can provide guidance for what to do in the meantime until you’re able to travel in for an in-person evaluation.

What are the benefits of a televisit?

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of televisit services. If you’re not able to meet personally with your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor due to your work schedule or existing health, you don’t have to delay a medical evaluation.

Televisits are also essential for when you’re traveling away from home and develop new symptoms or have concerns about your health. You can arrange a televisit from any location through a phone call or internet-assisted service, like Skype.

This access to your doctor ensures you receive the medical attention you need, when you need it most. The Dearborn Family Clinic medical team can address many questions and concerns through televisits, so you’ll always receive consistent health care and can avoid busy waiting rooms at the local emergency room.

If your lifestyle or health condition prevents you from visiting Dearborn Family Clinic, consider the many benefits of televisit services for unexpected health issues or questions about your treatment. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about televisits by phone or through the online booking feature today.