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Skin cancer affects as many as three million people in the United States each year. To reduce your risk for long-term health complications due to skin cancer, the skilled team of physicians at Dearborn Family Clinic, PC in Dearborn, Michigan, offer on-site skin surgery procedures. Howard M. Wright, DO, and the dedicated medical staff provide comprehensive care before, during, and after your procedure. If you have concerns about irregular moles or other skin cancer symptoms, don't delay a skin evaluation. You can book a skin surgery consultation online or by calling the office today.

Skin Surgery

Why do I need skin surgery?

Your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor may recommend in-office skin surgery as both a diagnostic test and treatment for skin cancer.

After a careful evaluation of your skin health, your provider may need to do a biopsy, a procedure where they take a small sample of irregular skin patches or moles to test for cancer.

If testing determines you do have skin cancer or growths of precancerous cells, your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor may also perform skin surgery to remove the growths and surrounding areas of skin tissue.

What happens during skin surgery?

Skin surgery is an outpatient procedure the staff at Dearborn Family Clinic performs in-office. To keep you comfortable during your diagnosis or treatment, your provider injects anesthesia to numb the treatment area.

During a diagnostic biopsy, your Dearborn Family Clinic doctor uses a sharp surgical tool to remove a small area of surface skin or a suspicious mole that they send to the medical lab for further testing.

When treating known skin cancer, your provider also surgically removes the cancerous or precancerous growth. In some cases, the excision goes deeper than the surface of your skin, depending on how the cancer cells are growing.

The goal of skin surgery is to remove as much of the cancerous cells as possible. In some cases, it may also be necessary for you to undergo radiation or chemotherapy to ensure all of the cancer is treated effectively.

Will I have scars from skin surgery?

Any surgery does present a risk for scarring. The skilled medical team at Dearborn Family Clinic uses precise surgical techniques to minimize scarring and ensure they address all areas of cancer.

For surgery that goes deeper into the skin, you may need sutures to close the wound. Your Dearborn Family Clinic provider can provide resources to help you care for your incision and reduce your risk for noticeable scars and infection.

During follow-up appointments, your doctor evaluates the health of your skin and ensures no new growths or skin changes that can indicate cancer are present.

If you have concerns about abnormal areas of skin or suspicious moles, don’t delay a skin cancer evaluation. You can learn more about treatment options, including skin surgery, by calling the office today or by requesting an appointment online now.